Grifco door openers

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if you are contemplaiting to purchase a door opener , stay away from grifco openers that use computers to open up your door....the way they are designed is that if you have an issue with the door for what ever reason you need to call roller door man and he charges you $240 call out fee, the company that supplies them doesn't want to know about you and if you want to purchase your parts from them you have to make sure that you have an account with this company so it is protecting its service men....

i would urge you to reconsider after paying $3500 for two motors i have to wind them up by hand ,they always go into safe mode and unless you pay the $240 call out fee then they are able to reset it for you.

why don't they provide the procedure so you can reset them your self...let me see that would go against the policyeverything is plastic and not durable , try to call them and see what the response is when you tell them your roller door motor is not doing what it was designed to do....

Review about: Roller Door Motor.



Push the red button and the set button at the same time for 5 seconds to reset..

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